Perspectives on dermatology matters from Dermatology Foundation members. What do practitioners, residents, and non-clinical physicians have to say?

The Journey to Becoming an Independent Researcher

The interest in dermatology continues to gain importance in the house of medicine with the recognition that skin diseases will impact nearly everyone. Unfortunately the declining availability of federal grants for medical research discourages promising investigators and threatens our ability to make continual progress. That’s when the Dermatology Foundation can help. The 1990s were a…

60 Years of Discovery and Counting

In the 1950s, Dr. Stephen Rothman was among those who pioneered the idea of investigative dermatology, believing physicians should apply basic scientific research to the practice of our specialty. Dermatologists embraced the role of science in dermatology, including those who created the Dermatology Foundation in 1964. They based the Foundation on a simple idea: that…

New Format, Same Mission

As we launch in a new online format, I am reminded that the purpose of this publication remains the same: to share the latest discoveries in investigative dermatology in a practical and easily digestible format. As a result, we will continue to feature articles imparting cutting-edge scientific and clinical progress in the specialty, and highlight today’s researchers too.