Junko Takeshita, MD, PhD, MSCE, has received the first DF Bristol Myers Squibb Psoriasis Research Award

Dr. Junko Takeshita Receives First BMS Psoriasis Research Award

Can educational videos reduce disparities in the research and treatment of psoriasis?

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The Program offers a broad selection of awards to support research that has significant potential to advance patient care.

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The Clinical Symposium’s Continuing Medical Education program has a reputation for excellence.

Charles Stiefel was committed to the Foundation and dermatology researchers.

Remembering Charles W. Stiefel (1950–2023)

The Foundation is indebted to Charles and Daneen Stiefel for their generosity and we are grateful for their conviction in the value of our work.


One Big Step Toward Health Equity

Sanofi and Regeneron’s generous $1-million donation to the Foundation has enabled the creation of a new DEI-focused award: the DF Sanofi and Regeneron Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mid-Career Research Award. Three exceptional mid-career investigators will receive funding for research issues impacting underrepresented or underserved medical groups.

Sanofi Regeneron
The DF is grateful to Sanofi and Regeneron, now DF platinum sponsors.

The 2024 application deadline for this new mid-career award is December 1st. Award details and application guidance are available on the Foundation website.

Sanofi and Regeneron $1M donation supports health equity

$1M Donation to Support Health Equity

The DF SRDEI award will fund the research of three exceptional mid-career investigators working in diversity-, equity- and inclusion-related research.

DF Honorary Awards

DF Honorary Awards

They have in common a desire to share knowledge and shape dermatology — its study and research, its practice, and its care of patients. Their distinctive contributions to dermatology set them apart, and DF pays tribute to them through its Honorary Awards Program.

There are four award categories — Lifetime Career Educator, Practitioner of the Year, Clark W. Finnerud Award, and the Distinguished Service Award, which has been presented only seven times.

Meet the 2023 recipients of a DF Honorary Award: Dr. Timothy Berger, Lifetime Career Educator; Dr. Michael Goldfarb, Practitioner of the Year; Dr. Jeffrey Herten, Clark Finnerud Award; and Dr. John Voorhees, Distinguished Service Medallion.

Remarkable Career Yields Long-term Benefits for Dermatology

In every field of medical science, there are a handful of leaders recognized by their peers as giants. Dr. John Voorhees, MD, FRCP (London), is one such leader. In an illustrious career spanning several decades, Dr. Voorhees has advanced medical knowledge through dermatologic research, developed innovative approaches to psoriasis treatment, taught and mentored dozens of…

CS 2023 Plenary Sessions

CS 2023 Plenary Sessions

It’s not often you can surround yourself with experts in your field who are as willing to engage with you as you are with them—not unless you attend DF’s annual Clinical Symposium. Year after year, the event gathers illustrious speakers as well as kudos. People come to converse, learn, and debate.

We’ve selected summaries of mini-symposia presentations delivered in 2023 by Drs. Adewole Adamson, Crystal Aguh, Christian Baum, Daniel Bennett, Brittany Craiglow, John Harris, Jennifer Huang, Megan Noe, Aimee Payne, Michael Rosenblum, and Christopher Sayed.

Stuff I Worry About: High-Risk Squamous Cell Carcinoma and High-Risk Patients

Dr. Baum presented information about tumor- and patient-specific risk factors for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC). First, Dr. Baum noted that the cSCC incidence in the US is increasing, with an estimated 180,000–520,000 new cases annually and a metastatic rate of 2–5%. Patients with bulky nodal disease have higher recurrence rates and lower overall survival…

In-Transit Melanoma Metastases

Dr. Baum described melanoma in-transit metastases (ITMs) and presented an overview of current treatments. Melanoma ITMs are lesions that develop between the primary tumor site and the draining nodal basin via lymphatic seeding, separate from spreading in the blood. ITMs occur in 5–10% of patients with melanoma and typically develop within 13–18 months. Fifty percent…

Cancer Overdiagnosis: A Dermatopathologist’s Perspective

Dr. Bennett shared his perspective on melanoma overdiagnosis and how to address the problem. First, Dr. Bennett advised dermatologists to be careful about the language they use to describe melanoma screening and diagnosis. “Overdiagnosis” means using current diagnostic criteria to correctly diagnose a condition that may not harm the patient. Overdiagnosis does not mean misdiagnosis….