From Bedside to Bench and Back Again

The turning point in the career of John Harris, MD, PhD, was sudden and an appealing type of serendipity. He had just completed his PhD studying type 1 diabetes in the lab of Dr. Aldo Rossini at UMass Chan Medical…


The Journey to Becoming an Independent Researcher

The interest in dermatology continues to gain importance in the house of medicine with the recognition that skin diseases will impact nearly everyone. Unfortunately the declining availability of federal grants for medical research discourages promising investigators and threatens our ability to make continual progress. That’s when the Dermatology Foundation can help. The 1990s were a…

From the Foundation

2024 DF Annual Meeting

The Dermatology Foundation marked the beginning of its year long 60th anniversary celebration at the Annual Meeting of Membership (AMM) on March 10 and the Annual Reception on March 11 in San Diego, “America’s Finest City,” and inaugurated a year-long celebration to commemorate its six decades of evolution, and impact.

DF Honorary Awards

DF Honorary Awards

They have in common a desire to share knowledge and shape dermatology — its study and research, its practice, and its care of patients. Their distinctive contributions to dermatology set them apart, and DF pays tribute to them through its Honorary Awards Program.

There are four award categories — Lifetime Career Educator, Practitioner of the Year, Clark W. Finnerud Award, and the Distinguished Service Award, which has been presented only seven times.

Meet the 2024 recipients of a DF Honorary Award: Dr. Robert Brodell, Practitioner of the Year; Dr. Mary Lupo, Lifetime Career Educator; and Dr. James Troy, Clark W. Finnerud Award.

An Infectious Commitment to Medical Education

James Troy, MD, is the recipient of the 2024 DF Clark W. Finnerud Award. This Dermatology Foundation award recognizes his devotion over the course of a long career to voluntarily…

A Country Doctor by Any Other Name

Dr. Robert Brodell, DF 2024 Practitioner of the Year, prides himself on being “just a country doctor.” Providing access to care in rural America has been the cornerstone of his…

The Art of Teaching Care Aesthetics

For more than 40 years, Dr. Lupo has dedicated her career to a robust cosmetic dermatology practice in New Orleans, as well as teaching and mentoring dermatology residents and fellows….

Profiles In Achievement

Dr. Marlys Fassett Receives the 2024 DF Bristol Myers Squibb Psoriasis Research Award

Marlys Fassett, MD, PhD, has received the 2024 DF Bristol Myers Squibb Psoriasis Research Award (BMSRA) from the Dermatology Foundation. Dr. Fassett is the second recipient of this prestigious award for extraordinary mid-career investigators. The award comes with $100,000 funding each year for three years to support her research into the role the cytokine IL-31…

2024 CS Plenary Sessions

2024 CS Plenary Sessions

It’s not often you can surround yourself with experts in your field who are as willing to engage with you as you are with them—not unless you attend DF’s annual Clinical Symposium. Year after year, the event gathers illustrious speakers as well as kudos. People come to converse, learn, and debate.

We’ve selected summaries of mini-symposia presentations delivered in 2024 by Drs. Elizabeth Billingsley, Yvonne Chiu, Jaehyuk Choi, Jennifer Choi, David Cohen, Carrie Coughlin, Lindy Fox, Robert Kirsner, Ginette Okoye, Olayemi Sokumbi, and Ashley Wysong.

Cutaneous Metastases in Cancer Patients

Dr. Choi shared about the role of dermatologists in treating cutaneous metastases (CM) in cancer patients. Typically, dermatologists diagnose CM and refer patients to their oncologist for primary treatment. Dr. Choi argued that dermatologists can make a difference in clinical outcomes and patient quality of life by treating them with skin-directed therapies. First, Dr. Choi…

Skin Cancer Syndrome: Update on Gorlin Syndrome

Dr. Billingsley presented information about the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of Gorlin syndrome. First, Dr. Billingsley discussed the etiology and epidemiology of Gorlin syndrome. Gorlin syndrome is a tumor predisposing disorder with systemic manifestations that affects approximately 11,000 people in the US. It is caused by a genetic mutation affecting the Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) signaling…

Surgical Pearls

Dr. Billingsley presented 7 surgical pearls for dermatologists. #1: Curettage alone Dr. Billingsley shared techniques for using curettage alone for well-defined skin cancer lesions. #2: Pulley suture and purse-string closure Dr. Billingsley described how to perform the pulley suture and purse-string closure. The pulley suture is a quick way to close wounds under tension, such…

Scar Wars

Dr. Wysong presented information about scar assessment and treatment. First, Dr. Wysong discussed managing patient expectations for scar treatment. Scars are an outcome of the natural healing process when fibrous tissue replaces normal skin after skin injury. Patients should understand that their skin will never be exactly the same. Dr. Wysong makes sure to ask…