In Hot Pursuit of Morphea

This article provides an overview of Dr. Heidi T. Jacobe’s wide range of contributions and associated insights. They provide critical guidance to practitioners now in diagnosing, assessing, and treating patients with morphea. And they will ultimately enable significant advances in treating this high-impact disease.


New Format, Same Mission

As we launch in a new online format, I am reminded that the purpose of this publication remains the same: to share the latest discoveries in investigative dermatology in a practical and easily digestible format. As a result, we will continue to feature articles imparting cutting-edge scientific and clinical progress in the specialty, and highlight today’s researchers too.

Profiles In Achievement
Dr. Heidi T. Jacobe

Replacing Opinions With Facts

The creation of the MAC allowed Dr. Heidi T. Jacobe to plunge into a research program of extensive breadth and depth that has steadily replaced opinions with facts and profoundly improved patient care.

Dr. Johann E. Gudjonsson

Making the Link

The Sun Pharma Research Award allows Dr. Johann E. Gudjonsson to take preliminary data indicating a fundamental mechanism in autoimmunity, and pursue this in depth in his SLE mouse model and in human SLE subjects.

Dr. Tiffany Scharschmidt

Probing Skin’s Microbiome

The Sun Pharma Research Award provides Dr. Tiffany Scharschmidt with the focus and freedom to address clinically translational aspects of her research in pediatric atopic dermatitis.


DF 2022 Clinical Symposia

The DF Clinical Symposia allows dermatologists, residents, and non-physician clinicians to continue their medical education, and advance patient care and the specialty.


In 2021, a year like no other, DF created a virtual CME event to maintain the educational program normally presented at our annual 3-day DF Clinical Symposia in its seaside setting.

Spring-Summer 2021 [PDF]

The annual DF Clinical Symposia is a highly regarded 3-day CME event created to share outstanding experts’ knowledge in formal plenary talks, breakfast roundtables, and interactive evening therapeutics forums.

Winter 2020-21 [PDF]

Psoriasis is a chronic, debilitating, inflammatory systemic skin disease with a negative psychological impact. It is associated with multiple significant comorbidities. In the US alone, it affects more than 8 million people.

Winter 2019-2020 [PDF]