Vitiligo Treatment from the Iron Age to the Age of Biologics: New Hope for an Ancient Disease

Dr. Harris presented an overview of past and present treatments for vitiligo, including advances in vitiligo research and ongoing work to improve vitiligo treatment in the future. First, Dr. Harris described research that led to FDA approval of topical ruxolitinib for vitiligo. Dr. Harris sought to develop targeted immunotherapies that could treat vitiligo while avoiding…

Top 10 Tips for Treating Skin Disease in Children with Cancer

Children with melanoma may present with different clinical characteristics than adults. They are more likely to present as amelanotic, rapidly growing nodules. Incorporate modified diagnostic criteria for pediatric melanoma and consider the evolution of a lesion. Pediatric melanoma is rare but often diagnosed too late.

The Diversity of Skin

In March 2022, Dr. Callender received the Dermatology Foundation’s Clark W. Finnerud Award presented to an individual who “most skillfully blends clinical practice with writing and teaching dermatology, thereby serving as a mentor and role model.”